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Dominica: Dominica is one of the last regions on earth where the Carib People (Kalinago) live and retain their culture. The Carib Territories sits on 3,700-acre reserve just south of the airport. The territory is collectively owned but and Caribs living there may grow their own crops on any unclaimed land and it will be respect as their own. The Carib People elect a chief every 4 years, who represents them with the Dominica Government. Dominica is also a bastion of Creole culture and hosts the world creole music festival each year.

St. Maarten: A unique island divided between the French and the Dutch, with each section retaining its unique culture!

Nevis: Nevis has a colourful historical past and many of its attractions are of a historical nature. There are several museums and the capital Charlestown is a charming reminder of an era past.

St. Kitts: St.Kitts is one of the most historically interesting places in the Caribbean.

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