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Barbados: Barbados has a healthy climate and the fresh breezes which blow straight across the Atlantic Ocean are sure to revive the tired soul. Relaxing on the lovely beaches can be a wonderful way to escape the stresses of modern life. Some of the hotels provide gym facilities, health and beauty salons etc. For those who enjoy walking be sure to take part in the National Trust Sunday hikes---a healthy experience.

Dominica: Come to the natural healing of our wilderness, mountains, rainforest, rivers and sulphur springs. Enjoy a holidays in a Dominica Nature Island Heath and Wellness resort. Take a Yoga Weekend Retreat, enroll in Yoga Tours or stay for a long holiday of, healthy diet and exercise, health discussion, health training, alternative treatment, natural healing, insights and personal attention.

Grenada: Many of the Grenada's hotels offer spa and fitness facilities. The Allamanda Beach Resort & Spa for instance offers body massages,facial treatments,reflexology and water aerobics.

St. Lucia: Fitness and spa facilities are available in St.Lucia and a variety of treatments ranging from the conventional to the VERY unconventional are offered. Many of the spas use the natural resources of St.Lucia in their treatment e.g.volcanic minerals, rainforest plants,banana leaf etc.Many hotels have their own spa facilities.

St. Kitts: St.Kitts has a wealth of medicinal plants used by the local population---if you are interested in natural remedies, this is much to learn.

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