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We're off to the rain forest!

With Love from Tobago!

Paradise found, Castara, Tobago!

Over the hills and far away,
      Tobago beckons for you to stay!

Oh, what a lovely bunch of cocounts!

An avenue of Royal Palms.
      The Botanical Gardens, Scarborough.

East Coast Lane, Tobago

Just flying by to say hi from Tobago!

A coconut tree born with a kiss,
just for you!

Standing out from all the rest to say hello!

A lovely place to sit and ponder
on the sands of time!

Coconuts, coconuts everywhere,
so there is always lots to share!

A beautiful surprise!
... A Tobago sunrise!

No fuss!,
come on a jungle walk with us!

Little tropical "piece of heaven"
in Charlotteville, Tobago!

Come on a sandy beach, walk with me
... the best is yet to be!

Happy faces singing sweet songs
to last a whole life long!

Blue waters ... looking outwards
toward "Little Tobago"
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