Try a "Sportsfishing Safari" to Tobago, one of the
best unknown fishing grounds in the world!

Taken in 1974.
Fishing pals Gerry Gordon, Ralph Gibson
and Lincoln Bourne, with their catch of
two huge Dorado (Dolphin Fish)

Off the beautiful waters of Tobago one can experience some of the most exciting offshore deepsea fishing. Because of its ideal location this little island in the Caribbean has been a fishing haven for many happy fishermen for decades. In the winter months when the fish leave the chilly waters of the north they head for the warm Caribbean Sea. From October until the end of May, large game fish can be found in abundance chasing after the vast schools of small flying fish which are prolific in the warm Caribbean waters at that time of the year. On a day out fishing it is quite an incredible sight to see the flying fish soaring through the air with the big fish trying to do the same, intent on catching their dinner! This is the time of year for White and Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Swordfish, Wahoo, and Dorado (which the local fishermen call Dolphin, it's a sea fish and not related to Flipper!).

Coastal and reef fishing is excellent all year round, prevalent species to be found are Barracuda, King Mackerel, Jacks, and Tarpon, the latter, loves to give a tremendous fight for your strike!

Night fishing off the shores of Tobago is also exciting. Only a perfectly seasoned angler can anticipate the last minute glory at the end of his line! ... this could be anything from a Shark, Swordfish, Snapper, or a night Grouper among others.

Taken in 1998.
Happy tourists along with some crew from
Hard Play Fishing Charters are seen
displaying the day's catch.

Tobago has an extra advantage, just off its shores are a series of small rocks and islands, trolling around some of these one can run into a school of Spanish Mackerel, for instance in between The Sisters and The Brothers Kingfish are known to be caught in abundance while trolling around these small rocks. These tiny islands are also rich in birdlife ... On the western side are The Sisters and The Brothers to the north are The Giles and London Bridge, and Little Tobago with Queen Island, Richmond Island, and Smith Island on the Eastern side. Because of the close proximity to the Venezuelan coastline, when fishing off the leeside coast of Tobago one can sometimes encounter a distinct line of brackish water, this is when the Orinoco River which flows from the South American Coast converges with the clear Caribbean waters. For the angler, experiencing this tidal sea change usually results in an excellent day's fishing. Returning to the mainland, to relax and enjoy a local drink he can tell stories of the "great ones" landed ... and sometimes too ... about the famous one that got away that was so BIG there was definitely no need to lie about it!

For all saltwater sports fishing seekers, Tobago is truly "Paradise found"!

It has been reported recently (January 2000) by Ralph Gibson, a highly experienced and keen Tobago fishing enthusiast, that an abundance of Kingfish has been caught just off the waters off Crown Point airport on the corner lee side of the island. An invitation to all anglers to come and test your fishing skills off this lovely tropical isle.

by M.P. Bourne