Canoe Bay

(Beach Park, Picnic and Camping Area)

Bright and breezy shallow bay that's fun for the whole family!

Canoe Bay is offically mapped as La Guira. It is called canoe Bay by English mariners and was probably named after the many Amerindian canoes that were seen there. The Bay is calm and well sheltered. The predominance of artifacts in the area denotes the existence of a large settlement of Indians there many years ago.

Canoe Bay is a "fun place" to go on a day's picnic with the family.

It is particularly safe for children as the water stays fairly shallow (approx. 2.5ft) for a long way out to sea before it deepens.

The Bay faces the east side of the island where it is always bright and breezy.

The beach is perfect for all fun sports.

Attractive open palm-thatched huts are dotted all around this area.

A drinks bar is available and changing bathrooms are provided.

(Entrance fee is TT$12 per day per person).
Fees are also available for overnight camping.

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