Pigeon Point

A place filled with tropical splendour and a charm ... all of its own.

One of the best places in the Caribbean "to spend a day at the beach" ... is Pigeon Point.

Picture a small peninsula with tall swaying coconut trees and open palm-thatched huts on a beach that slopes gently down to the sea, where you can sit and dig your toes into the sand, or take a stroll around the northern corner of the point and feel the fresh ozone ... it's invigorating!

All amenities are available for the day, including a fully-stocked bar with a good food menu, alternately you can bring your own picnic lunch.

Meet with friends, sing and play old folk songs and calypsoes ... spend a day exploring or just relaxing, listening to the rhythm of the sea ... the colours are breathtaking. Swim or snorkel to your heart's content in cool clear water that sparkles like diamonds under the day's sun.

For those who enjoy a bit of fishing action, not far away, just down the beach is a long wooden jetty which is the take-off and return point for deep sea fishing lovers and daily sailing trips .... there is something here for everyone!

Alas ... when it's time to leave, the sweet memories will always lure you back again to spend ... yet ... another "happy day" at Pigeon Point.

(The entrance fee for the day is TT$12 per person and lounge-chairs can be rented at a cost of TT$5 per day.)

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