"King of the Woods"
- (The Blue Crowned Mot Mot) -

One of the most beautiful birds in this world
lives in the forests of Tobago.

... it's a bird-watcher's delight!

Wherever the King of the Woods is sighted, one is always aware of its stately majestical appearance. Its colouring can only be described as "stunningly brilliant".

Its eyes are red and piercing with a dark prominent beak There's an appearance of a black mask which reaches back into a cone-shape behind the eyes. The colours on the head are dark royal blue with florescent aquamarine over the eyes and forehead. The breast has red-orange coloured feathers. The wings are full of all the various shades of green imaginable. The tail is in symmetry with the head, with radiant blue hues which stop three-quarter way down the tail ... to give an extra thrill! ... there's a sudden break in the feathers, with two needle-like spines continuing down, then suddenly, the feathers again spread out to form a tiny fan at the end of the long tail.

The King of the Woods, if treated so! can become very gracious and friendly. Apart from his regular eating habits he does have a few human favourites and has been known to accept these by hand ... example ... pieces of bread, cheese ... but the marachino cherry will certainly tempt him to return to you again and again!

This bird can be seen in the forests of Tobago from the western areas of Mount Irvine and Arnos Vale all the way up to Charlotteville and Speyside in the north.

If ever there was a bird to show as an example "master-piece" of the Greatest Creator of all ... then this is the one.

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